Palo Alto Does Care


One statement that the mayor made that I do agree with is that we really do care in Palo Alto about seniors and and about low-income housing.

Since the late ‘60s this city has created 1,800 below market rate rental units, with over one-third for seniors. And there are also hundreds of below market rate ownership units in town.

A major reason for this record is that since the ‘70s, Palo Alto is one of only a quarter of California cities that has passed inclusionary zoning laws. Our law requires a developer of market rate homes to set aside a percentage of the housing as below market rate or a pay a fee into a fund. That fund is used to support senior and affordable housing projects.

Over the years Palo Alto has increased the percentage of units that have to be set aside for below market rate units.

There will be more senior and affordable units built in Palo Alto. For example, 70 very low-income units are in the pipeline for El Camino Real near California Avenue.

But let’s maintain neighborhood character when we do it, properly prevent or mitigate impacts, stop the use of “up zone and flip” with the city acting as banker, and keep the PC out of the equation.


Vote Against Measure D


Thank you,

Fred Balin


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