Up-Zone, Then Flip


The PAHC business plan was for the city to up-zone the Maybell Avenue property, in other words to allow greater density than under the existing zoning.

Then the site would be divided into two sections. 40% would be used to build a tall, dense senior housing project. The balance of 60% was to “flip,” that is to quickly resell it at a profit. In this case it would be sold to another developer to build single-family homes in very small, 3,700 square foot lots, much, much smaller than permissible under current zoning standards.

The one-two strategy of up-zone, then flip, emulated the successful plan of the for-profit developer at Alma Plaza. In 2009, that development team argued that the site, designated by our comprehensive plan as one of only four neighborhood commercial centers in town and had been 90% retail, was no longer viable. In addition, they claimed that in order to support just a very small amount of retail, including a grocery store, they needed to sell off the vast majority of the site in order to build single-family homes on very small lots.

Despite strong community opposition, the up-zone to flip was approved, and the result is what you see today.

Say No to Up-Zone, Then Flip on Maybell Avenue and Elsewhere.


Vote Against Measure D.


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