Residents to the Rescue


But did Hexagon get it right on the proposed Maybell PC?

The answer is “no.”  And here we must not only give credit, but also owe a debt to the new homegrown leaders of the Maybell citizen’s movement.

They put their limited financial resources in just the right place: They hired a traffic consultant, and not just any traffic consultant.

At times the city does respond to concerted and consistent citizen pressure. Often it is reactive to a problem that can no longer be ignored or dismissed. And often the initial steps are a combination of one forward, paired with one back.

And so it was this July, when the staff report for a council meeting related to the Jay Paul Company PC stated that the city would implement peer review for the traffic study by consultants Fehr & Pehrs. “Terrific idea,” I said. Then I read further; the peer reviewer would be Hexagon.

Peer review means review by an independent, reputable, respected expert in the field. Thinking I could help the city in its quest for such a person or group, I made inquiries, until I learned that the contract to Hexagon had already been approved

But the process was still fruitful, as I was able to initiate contact with what many consider to be the leading environmental law firm in Northern California, if not in the entire state. Their recommendation for traffic peer review: a fellow named Tom Brohard.

“Any others?” was the follow-up inquiry.

“Yes,” was the response, “but he is by far the best. He is totally independent, and you can count on his opinion.”

Shortly after, I leaned that the new neighborhood leadership coalescing around the proposed Maybell PC, had hired Tom Brohard to conduct a review of the Hexagon traffic analyses.

Maybell-area resident leaders put their limited dollars where it really mattered: expert peer review.


Vote Against Measure D.


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