The Way Forward


The defeat of Measure D keeps the existing R-2 and RM-15 zoning in place.

It allows PAHC to build senior housing on the current RM-15 site, using the state’s density bonus law for added density and concessions.

It still permits PAHC to sell the R-2 lots, if it desires, so newer, larger single-family homes could be built there and bring in additional revenue.

It provides time to step back and rethink matters, because the defeat of Measure D prevents PAHC from returning with a similar project for at least a year.

It provides the opportunity for the neighborhood and the city to move back to the pressing need of the best way to deal with the traffic situation every school morning and afternoon.

It reinforces residents’ dissatisfaction with PCs and other forms of up-zoning.

It shows that your community is concerned about the residents near Maybell Avenue.

It assists in the very important effort for professional ethics in the city’s relationship with traffic consultants and the dire need for objective, expert, independent peer review whose findings bring needed revisions to inadequate or incomplete studies.

And it shows that your community is part of citywide movement that is carefully monitoring the city’s actions, and will not allow it to take advantage of a neighborhood or two, because the it feels others aren’t listening or won’t get involved.


Vote Against Measure D


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