Jul 172014

Ken Dauber is a proven leader advocating for student learning and health, serving on important PAUSD committees on homework and funding allocation, and bringing data to inform school board decisions.

A father of five and  Barron Park resident for the last 13 years, Ken holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale and a doctorate in sociology from the University of Arizona. He is a Google software engineer with a longtime interest in education policy. He has consulted with the U.S. Department of Education, Education Trust West and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and co-founded a Palo Alto parent group, We Can Do Better Palo Alto, which has lobbied for stronger initiatives to combat academic stress and to reform high school counseling.

In this school board election, Ken is advocating:

  • A renewed emphasis on neighborhood schools, including reopening closed elementary schools to relieve overcrowding and traffic.
  • A focus on supporting the achievement of every student, no matter what their level of ability or area of interest
  • Better transparency and openness for the school board
  • Support for students’ social and emotional needs, including improved counseling at Gunn and measures to reduce unnecessary academic stress


On May 13, 2014 Ken Dauber testified at the Administrative Law Hearing for the closure of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park. He clearly presented data that the education provided to Buena Vista children by Palo Alto schools is a significant factor in the quality of life for the residents.

For more information about Ken, visit his website


Jul 122014

Group’s ballot proposal would complicate development in downtown Menlo Park, consultant says.

A proposed ballot initiative pushed by a group of Menlo Park residents called “Save Menlo” could significantly complicate future development in the downtown area, according to a consultant’s analysis publicly released Thursday night. Continue reading »

Jun 232014

Eric Filseth announced his candidacy for Palo Alto City Council today. Eric’s top priority will be issues important to residents – traffic, congestion, city infrastructure and services, and a sensible zoning and development policy that considers cumulative impacts on livability in Palo Alto and the integrity of our public school system.

“Palo Altans are at an inflection point,” Eric said. “Over the next council term, we’ll make decisions that shape the character of our city for many decades to come. To preserve and enhance the things that make Palo Alto a great place to live and raise families, within the context of intense regional pressures, is the central challenge before us. I want to help lead this effort. I will always be an advocate for residents’ concerns.”

Jun 192014
New Condos for ECR site

The proposal submitted by the architect, Ken Hayes, for the property at 4146 El Camino Real includes two 3-story buildings with a total of 21 units (7 1-BR and 14 2-BR). The buildings would have underground parking with ingress/egress from El Camino at the south end of the property next to the Zen Motel. In addition there could be separate pedestrian access from El Camino. Continue reading »

Jun 022014

Tom DuBois, a Midtown resident who jumped into Palo Alto’s land-use politics during last year’s heated battle over a housing development on Maybell Avenue, announced Monday that he will seek a seat on the City Council in November.

A technology executive who currently works In the video-game Industry, DuBois became engaged In civic Issues as part of a citizens referendum in opposition to Measure D. The referendum also gave birth to a new residents’ group, Palo Alto for Sensible Zoning, which includes DuBois and leading Measure D opponents Cheryl Lilienstein and Joe Hirsch. A native of Warren, Ohio, DuBois lived in Washington, D.C., and Southern California before settling in Palo Alto in 1995. He lives in Midtown with his wife, Erina, and two children, who are attending Palo Alto schools.

In announcing his campaign, DuBois said he is “excited to have the chance to serve the people of Palo Alto.”

For more information visit his website.