Our Mission


Now that Measure D has been defeated we have gone back to the format of PaloAltoVille. We have shown that a small grassroots group can refute the pundits and prevail against a well-funded organization and the city council.
But Maybell Avenue was only one battle in the war against the destruction of the character of Palo Alto by developers who blindly seek to maximize the size and scope of their buildings and their profits. This website, PaloAltoVille.com, is a place where all residents can speak out to preserve the quality of life in Palo Alto.

Palo Alto residents have a right to expect that the city’s business will be conducted in a transparent and lawful process complying with and enforcing all existing ordinances and regulations. They have a right to expect that zoning decisions will be made in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and not by use of Planned Community exemptions which grant large gifts to developers at the expense of the residents. They demand that the City Council listen to the voice of the voters rather than proceeding down a predetermined path in opposition to public opinion. And they demand that the City Council put the highest priority on maintaining the quality of life and the character of the city, not on unbridled growth.

1. We support the Palo Altans for Sensible Zoning in their effort to stop high-density rezoning and over-development throughout the city.

2. We support the residents of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in their efforts to retain their affordable homes and keep their children in the local school system.

3. We support Downtown North in trying to stop the encroachment of parking into their neighborhood from downtown businesses.

4. We support the Ventura/Evergreen neighborhoods trying to stop the over-development at 395 Page Mill Road

5. We support the neighbors of 2755 El Camino who oppose the 4-story building to be built on the old VTA lot.

And we will support all neighborhoods in resisting the continuing push by developers building oversize high-density buildings without sufficient parking, worsening the traffic jams on our already overcrowded streets.