Rezoning Projects


Rezoning Developments in Palo Alto

2003 to Present

Proposed or expected rezone(s)

SOUTH Palo Alto

  • 567-595 Maybell – formally 4 single family residences on Maybell, (R2) and an orchard on Clemo (RM15). City Council approved rezone proposal to Planned Community (PC). Development plans are for 60 apartment units for low income seniors and 12 market rate single family residences.
  • 3980 El Camino Real – is the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park.  Owner has submitted an application to close the mobile home park. A preliminary development proposal to rezone the site to a RM-40 (multi-family) zone for a 187 unit apartment complex.
  • 405 Curtner Avenue – behind the Manpower building. ARB reviewed a new 7,425SF, 3-story building with six residential condominiums units, replacing existing development on the RM-30 zoned site.
  • 395 Page Mill and 3045 Park Blvd – Formerly Agilent, now AOL and 3095 Park is across from these bldgs. PTC initiated an applicant-requested rezoning of two sites from ROLM and GM zones to a Planned Community (PC) zone, which would allow construction of two, 4-story R&D/Office buildings totaling 311,000SF of floor area, retention of the existing 3-story 219,377SF R&D/Office (AOL) building, with 1,170 parking spaces for the R&D/Office uses would be provided off-site at 3045 Park Blvd, where a 44,420SF Public Safety Building with 147 secured parking spaces is proposed as the primary project public benefit.
  • 3159 El Camino Real – formerly “We Fix Macs”.  Planning and Transportation Committee will review a proposal to construct 4-story, 55 feet tall, 74,122SF mixed use building. Ground floor level, retail, restaurant, office, and commercial recreation spaces, additional office space is proposed at the third floor and portions of the second and third floors would be residential units as well as the entire fourth floor.  A total of 48 rental units are proposed. Surface and below-grade parking facilitates 216 parking spaces.  The new building would be setback 12 feet from ECR with pedestrian arcades and an elevated corner plaza.
  • 195 Page Mill (Park Plaza) – project submitted for Building Permits and under review for a new 3-story mixed use building on an approximately 2.5 acre parcel; containing 82 residential rental units with at least 20% (16.4 or 17) BMR (Below Market Rate) residential rental units in 104,174SF on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Ground floor contains 47,917SF of ground floor commercial use (primarily for R&D use, but inclusive of up to 2,400SF of ground floor retail use).
  • 441 Page Mill – consists of 441, 451, 423, 433 Page Mill, currently 4 single family homes. Intensions unknown.
  • 2755 El Camino Real – is the VTA lot corner of Page Mill Rd.  ARB conducted a Preliminary Review of concept plans for a 4-story commercial building. The concept is a 33,500SF commercial building on this 19,563SF site, resulting in a 1.71 FAR. The project features 3 levels of underground parking and vehicular access via a right turn in and out onto ECR.  The Planned Community (PC) application will be subject to full environmental review by ARB, PTC and City Council.
  • 4146 El Camino Real – lot with a billboard in it across from Starbucks between El Camino Way and El Camino Real.  Possible request for rezone from RM-15 to RM-40.
  • 3877 El Camino Real – Formally Compadres Mexican Bar & Grill.  Recently sold and possible request for rezone to Planned Community (PC) rezone.
  • California Avenue/Fry’s Concept Plan – PTC received an overview of this concept plan as part of the Comprehensive Plan update.  The intent of this concept plan is to evaluate appropriate development intensities, potential for additional housing, retention and enhancement of retail/service opportunities, and improved pedestrian and bicycle connections.  The 115-acre California Avenue/Fry’s area includes the California Avenue business district south to the site containing the existing Fry’s Electronics store. This area was identified for a concept plan study primarily because the area is within the Transit-Oriented Residential designation in the current Comprehensive Plan and is within the Pedestrian and Transit Oriented Development (PTOD) zoning District. The Transit-Oriented Residential land use designation allows high density residential development in the California Avenue commercial center within 2,000 feet of the City’s California Avenue Multi-model transit station. The goal is to general residential densities that would support substantial use of public transportation. The PTOD zoning district is intended to allow higher density residential uses on commercial, industrial, and multi-family parcels within a walkable distance of the California Avenue Caltrain station. Although the Fry’s site is on the periphery, outside of the boundary for the PTOD district, the site was included within the plan area to address long range future uses on the property.  The area includes three subareas for focused analysis:  California Avenue, Park Boulevard, and the Fry’s Property.
  • 340 Portage – site sold to Sobrato, planned for 374 housing units. (Details unknown)
  • 490 San Antonio Rd – Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School.  ARB conducted a hearing to approve a new 35 foot tall, 1-story gym and classroom building with 17,602SF of floor area, proposed to replace 2-story buildings (2 structures totaling 43,340SF in area).
  • 200 San Antonio Road – formally the HP/Mayfield site containing 4-5 acres. 45 market rate units + 436 units in Mountain View boundaries.
  • 876 San Antonio – Alanna Townhomes, 9 condos.

NORTH Palo Alto

  • 2209-2215 El Camino Real – corner of ECR and Cambridge.  ARB conducted a preliminary review for a new 3-story, 9,780 SF mixed use building proposed to replace a 3,239SF, 1-story commercial building on a 5,392SF lot. Building as such allows the building to encroach into the 20-foot required setback at the rear alley way.
  • 2500 El Camino Real – Stanford University’s Mayfield Housing Project.  ARB conducted a preliminary review of a new 4-story, mixed use building with 70 below market rental housing units (1, 2 and 3 bedroom units) and approximately 7,300SF of commercial space within a 100,000SF building, proposed to replace a 38,416SF commercial building.
  • 1601 California Avenue – Stanford University’s Mayfield Housing Project. ARB will be reviewing preliminary architectural review regarding the demolition of approximately 200,000SF of existing R&D/Office space to be replaced with 185 housing units which includes 67 detached single family homes and 118 multi-family units as part of the 2005 Mayfield Development Agreement.
  • 1845 El Camino Real – between Leland and Park Avenue in Evergreen. Involves demolition of a 700SF 1-story residential building and construction of a new 5,489SF 3-story mixed use commercial/residential condominium project.
  • 1701 Page Mill Road – cross street is Porter Drive. Involves demolition of 67,000SF of existing commercial development floor area and construction of 116,000SF of new floor area for a 2-story R&D building on a 8.5-acre site. The project includes a Design Enhancement Exception for an encroachment into the 35 foot maximum height limit.
  • 1400 Page Mill Road – cross street is Hanover Street. Involves demolition of existing 2 commercial buildings and rebuilding of one 2-story building containing the same amount of floor area (86,925SF). The new structure would also include a below grade garage providing 121 space, bike storage and showers.
  • 50 El Camino Real – Ronald McDonald House. Council approved the Site and Design Review application for a 70-room, 3-story, 51,948 SF building on a 1.57-acre site, to house an expanded Ronald McDonald House program. Rezone to Public Facility with a Site and Design Combining District (PF(D)) zone. It will be a Comprehensive Plan re-designation (from Streamside Open Space to Major Institution/Special Facilities), and a Conditional Use Permit amendment.
  • 27 University Avenue – is the city’s Arts and Innovation District Master Plan and includes MacArthur Park and Red Cross buildings, the transit center, and the undeveloped areas between El Camino Park and University Avenue, El Camino Real and the Caltrain/JPB Right of Way.
  • Downtown Parking Garage Lot P – somewhere near the 100 block of Hamilton. Proposed potential private/public partnership for construction of a parking garage on Lot P.  The private property owner would utilize the private portion of the garage to provide spaces for a nearby development, 135 Hamilton Avenue.
  • 2080 Channing Avenue – Edgewood Plaza was designed and built by Eichler Homes, Inc. and holds historical significance.  Planned Community zoning for this 3.58-acre parcel featuring 10 single-family residences, approximately 9,000SF park on the project site and 3 commercial buildings.  The grocery store Fresh Market is open for business.
  • 500 University Avenue – currently 1 story building in the CD-C (GF)(P). ARB conducted a preliminary review of a concept for a new 3-story mixed use building (26,806SF) with ground floor retail, two floors of office and one level of below grade parking. The project would include a Design Enhancement Exception request for a corner tower element to exceed the allowable height.
  • 537 Hamilton Avenue – demolition of the existing 1-story 4,588SF structure and the construction of a new 2-story 14,567SF office building with one floor of below grade parking for 19 spaces, utilizing vehicle lifts for 10 spaces.
  • 240-248 Hamilton Avenue – corner of Ramona and Hamilton in Downtown. Involves the demolition of an existing 7,000SF 2-story commercial building and the construction of a 4-story, 50-foot tall, mixed-use building with a floor area of 15,000SF, via “bonus” floor area including the use of Transferrable Development Rights (TDRs). The ground floor would be retail with office space occupying floors two and three.  The fourth floor would be entirely residential consisting of two residential units. Four on-site parking spaces would be provided for the 2 residential units. The parking spaces would be provided in a garage located one level below grade.
  • 611 Cowper Street – cross street is Hamilton Avenue in Downtown. Involves demolition of the two existing commercial buildings to allow the construction of one new 4-story mixed used building (office and one residential unit) with a below grade parking garage.
  • 711 El Camino Real – The Clement Hotel.  ARB reviewed and continued its formal review of a 50 foot tall, 4-story, 23-unit hotel with a partially underground parking facilities, on the corner of Wells Avenue, across from the Westin Hotel, near PAMF. The hotel would replace a 3,200 SF commercial building that was a pet hospital facility, and add 22,957SF of new floor area.
  • 1700 Embarcadero Road – formally Ming’s Restaurant. 4-story hotel and restaurant with 1-level of underground parking.
  • 3070 Louis Road – expand existing Chabad.  Construct a 5,524 foot addition and renovations.

Completed Developments

SOUTH Palo Alto

  • Arbor Real – corner of Charleston Road and El Camino contains 181 market rate homes; 170 condos and 11 single family homes.
  • Emma Court – formerly 797 and 807 Matadero Avenue, subdivided lots and current 4 single family homes, previous 2.
  • Echeleon – at 1101 East Meadow. 75 condominiums in 12 contemporary buildings.
  • Vantage Condos – at 940 East Meadow. 76 market rate units.
  • 3445 Alma Street – Alma Plaza completed with 20,000SF grocery store, and an additional 6,000SF of commercial space.  There are 14 below-market rate (BMR) units above the grocery store and application process for these homes started on April 1st.
  • JCC and Moldaw Residences – at 901 San Antonio Road and Fabian Way.  Rezoned to Planned Community zoning.  Parcel is 8.5 acres containing a community center of 134,148SF and 298,130sf of residential space featuring senior housing of 193 residential units of which 24 are BMR (Below Market Rate) units. The development also contains 610 parking spaces using a total of 432,278SF.
  • Altaire – at 3901 Fabian Way, formerly SUN Microsystems site contains 103 market rate homes and 56 BMR (Below Market Rate) units.
  • Sterling Park – at 3270-3290 W. Bayshore Blvd. containing 96 market rate units.
  • Sunrise Senior Housing – at 2701 El Camino, cross street is Sheridan Avenue, features 81 units.

NORTH Palo Alto

  • Alma Place – at 843 Alma Street containing 107 units for low income qualified.
  • Oak Court – at 825-827 Ramona Street near Waverley in Downtown. Affordable housing for low income qualified.
  • University Park  – Channing area.
  • Eden Housing – 801 Alma Street.  Features 50 units for very-low-income families.  Deadline to submit an application was April 30, 2013
  • 800 High Street – condominium complex featuring 60 units.
  • There are more… 

Under Construction

SOUTH Palo Alto

  • 4124 El Camino Real – formerly Enterprise Rental Car, property across from Arbor Real. Hotel approved and is under construction.
  • 4329-4335 El Camino Real – formerly Palo Alto Bowl will be replaced by 26 townhouses and a brand-name hotel.
  • VMware – expansion

North Palo Alto

  • Lytton Gateway – formerly Shell gas station at the corner of Lytton and Alma. A 4-story mixed-use commercial development.
  • 135 Hamilton – currently a parking lot on the corner of High Street and Hamilton. A 4-story commercial building, 26,000SF project.

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  1. A couple notes on 2755 El Camino, listed above.Parking lot on corner of El Camino and Page Mill, zoned Public Facility, owned by VTA sold perhaps on contingency for zoning changed to permit commercial uses; there was a letter in the file from Jeff Morris, developer of adjacent Sunrise senior living, challenging. The applicants, Pollack, also developed housing in Portola Valley area. I tend to look down on any privatizing of public asset. I think similarly we could hold the line on Public Facility zoning of the Post Office building, which the Feds are trying to sell. (on Hamilton)

    Also: is it useful to chart who are the applicants/owners?

    Also Elaine Mayer has a similar list or chart of development project on her site.

    Good job, overall. Thanks!

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