What is Measure D?

Measure D refers to an ordinance on the ballot that allows high density rezoning in a residential neighborhood of Palo Alto.

Why are we against this ordinance?

The City Council created special conditions that benefit a for-profit developer to build 12 two and three story single family market rate homes on substandard sized lots in order to fund construction of a four story, 50 foot high, 60 unit apartment building. This burdens the neighborhood with overflow street parking, jeopardy to our children’s safety, significant extra traffic, and loss of our residential character.

What do we support?

Current zoning regulations would allow 41 affordable senior housing units. We support present zoning regulations that require adequate parking and private outside spaces, making better residences for seniors.

 If the ordinance is not repealed

It will embolden the City Council to approve even more high density developments in all of Palo Alto’s residential neighborhoods.

The Facts:

  • Palo Alto City Council approved special zoning to allow building 72 housing units on a 2.4 acre lot on Maybell Avenue.
  • This development will be partially funded by granting privileges to a for-profit developer to build densely packed homes on sub-standard lots occupying more than half the property. This does not comply with existing zoning laws. This is happening all over Palo Alto.
  • No essential services are within easy walking distance. Yet, only 36 parking spaces are allocated for the tenants of the 60 unit building.
  • This high density development is situated between two heavily traveled bike routes to four neighborhood schools.

A vote AGAINST Measure D means:

You oppose high density planned community (PC) developments that grant special HIGH DENSITY privileges to developers. It does not mean you are voting against senior rental apartments.

As the Daily Post editor put it, if Measure D passes, “you can expect to see more ‘stack and pack’ projects popping up in residential neighborhoods”…

Over 30 rezoning applications are in the works.

Check the map –  Your neighborhood may be next.

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