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Thoughts on Palo Alto’s Measure D – Please Vote NO
Oct 082013

Our treatment of the economically disadvantaged goes beyond one housing project, beyond car camping beyond Hotel de Zink, & beyond Measure D.  The issues apply far beyond Palo Alto’s borders

Many of the arguments against Measure D are summarized in “Palo Alto Measure D: Not Worth the Cost

There are many discrepancies in the details of the project; please contact me if you want more information.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing honestly.

I am shamelessly forwarding my two recent letters published in the local newspapers, as I continue to seek a middle ground, which cannot be found unless Measure D fails:


Friends have asked me what can we do to help save the existing low income housing at the Buena Vista Trailer Park.  If Measure D fails, it will send a message to other greedy developers that Palo Alto will not double their money by allowing a density bonus at the expense of current residents.  Then the owner, & the developer who has incited the owner’s greed, might negotiate a fair realistic price to sell to the residents.  Keep the kids in the Palo Alto schools! Please vote no on Measure D.


The Maybell developer has claimed the Maybell site is one of the few sites in Palo Alto available for low income housing.  They have also claimed that if Measure D loses they will sell the land.  But these two claims are contradictory. If the land is that perfect for this use, why won’t they respond to a NO vote by negotiating a better proposal, one more consistent with the current zoning?

If Measure D fails, it will create a new opportunity to reach a compromise, a win-win that can provide senior housing on Maybell while helping to heal the divisiveness in the city.  For example, the 41 apartments the property is zoned for now, could become 60 units of senior housing, without even redrawing the existing plans.  This could be accomplished through a density transfer which would keep the rest of the land as open space.  The pending lawsuits would become moot.  This compromise could be fasttracked & approved in time to break ground before the next City Council election.  This can only happen if Measure D is defeated.  Please vote no on Measure D.

Click on this link if you are moved to volunteer to defeat Measure D or to recommend that others do so.

In Friendship,


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