Mar 262014

Regarding the transportation element of the Comprehensive Plan, I have problems with supporting the Grand Boulevard concept and also the VTA.

The Grand Boulevard threatens to destroy neighborhoods on both sides of El Camino with “pack and stack” development as we heard at last week’s PASZ presentation. Supporting the VTA idea of taking out two lanes of El Camino just for buses is terrible for residents. In our town El Camino is how we get around. It is NOT just a transportation corridor.

Lastly, it sounds great to put “stack and pack” near Cal Train stations, but if you have University station in the north of town, Cal Ave in the middle of town and San Antonio in south of town and all just a couple of miles apart, you have just targeted all the neighborhoods between Cal train and El Camino for deconstruction with “stack and pack” replacement. It is the entire middle of our town.

Just my thoughts. Thanks.



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