Oct 162013

and I urge you to do the same, and participate in this very impressive and significant grassroots effort in support of Barron Park and Green Acres’ residents, who, with limited funds, but great energy, talent, and numbers are working to preserve neighborhood character on the Maybell Avenue site and prevent a very bad traffic situation from getting worse and in turn help all of us.

And I ask you to read part or all of the following assessment I have written to become better informed about the referendum related to Maybell Avenue site, and the larger issues, we in other neighborhoods share and to send a community message to the city council about:

  • Up-zoning, planned communities, and flipping
  • Traffic studies that always conclude “no significant impact”
  • Land use speculation,
  • Conflicted loyalties
  • and more

Sections of This Article

  1. City as Speculator, Council as Conflicted
  2. Upzone then Flip
  3. Maybell Ave. – PC vs. Current Zoning
  4. Traffic and the City Consultants
  5. Residents to the Rescue
  6. Expert Peer Review Ignored
  7. Maybell Mythologies
  8. The Birth of New Leaders and Engaged Residents
  9. The Way Forward
  10. Palo Alto Does Care

Fred Balin, is a 22-year resident of College Terrace

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