We’ve Got Letters


These are letters which readers have sent to us, posted on our Facebook page or sent to the newspapers.

  • City Council to Consider CAC Reform August 16, 2015


    The Palo Alto City Council will consider the possible reform of the Citizen’s Advisory Commission to the Comprehensive Plan as an agenda item at their August 17, 2015 meeting. Join Palo Alto residents who support reform of the CAC. Sign our petition.

  • Thoughts on the Transportation Element March 26, 2014


    Regarding the transportation element of the Comprehensive Plan, I have problems with supporting the Grand Boulevard concept and also the VTA. The Grand Boulevard threatens to destroy neighborhoods on both sides of El Camino with “pack and stack” development as we heard at last week’s PASZ presentation. Supporting the VTA idea of taking out two lanes ...

  • Caring About Residents March 15, 2014


    I have been a resident of Palo Alto for 12 years and a homeowner in Barron Park since 2005. My three kids attend Gunn and Terman, and I am a minister in a local church. I’m writing to strongly urge the city to step in and act on behalf of our neighbors and friends at ...

  • Buena Vista Appraisal March 15, 2014

    Margaret Fruth

    The 2013 appraisal of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, commissioned and paid for by the owner, Joe Jisser, claims that the appraised value as a mobile home park is the same as it was in 2012, and includes an estimated 3-6 months probable marketing time (this could be much shorter and simpler with ready ...

  • Affordable Housing Loss March 15, 2014

    Don Anderson

    I  have lived in Barron Park for 27 years, and I’ve come to know the residents of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in our neighborhood as hardworking people who know and care about each other and the neighborhood, and who are important constituents of Barron Park. I’m very concerned about the possibility that residents ...

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  • Two New Newsletters Available May 17, 2017


    Two new email newsletters, Palo Alto Matters and This Week on the San Francisco Peninsula are being circulated to inform the public of a variety of issues for residents of Palo Alto and the Bay Area. Read more

  • One Man, One Vote? March 24, 2017


    Most of us aspire to the concept of ‘one man, one vote’. Our country was born with a cry against “taxation without representation” but is the converse true? Are those who pay higher taxes entitled to a larger voice in the governance of our city? The Storm Water Management Fee ballot raises some interesting questions. ...

  • Downtown Parking Problem Persists August 14, 2015


    It must be very difficult to live in a neighborhood near downtown Palo Alto where your street is completely filled with parked cars on weekdays during business hours. Many of those vehicles belong to downtown business workers and some to Stanford employees who don’t want to pay for a university parking permit.

  • Dear City Council, Jim Keene and Hillary Gitelman, August 4, 2015


    Leaders of PAN and PASZ have several concerns about the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Comprehensive Plan, and are recommending remedies in order to provide trustworthy, fair, and broad community representation. Read more…

  • Voters Stop Maybell Development November 6, 2013


    A grassroots campaign in Palo Alto to overturn an approved housing development on Maybell Avenue scored a sweeping Election Day victory Tuesday night, winning by more than 1,000 votes. With all 32 precincts reporting, the campaign against “Measure D” had a lead of 6,437 to 5,036. The vote means that residents have succeeded in overturning a ...