Feb 092014

Dear City Council, Ms Gitelman, and Mr Keene,

Item 4 on the Feb 10 consent calendar requests $930,000 for consultant fees for the planning dept. Placing this item on a consent calendar on an evening that has one very complex agenda item is the wrong way to go about improving public trust. I notice that the amount falls just below what I believe is the $1,000,000 threshold that requires an agendized item.

Taxpayers have the right to know whether plans requiring extra city funds are in our mutual interest, and whether this money is going to be allocated for business usual (in which development is outpacing transit and parking solutions) or is for improving that situation.

In light of the city’s recent commitment to transparency, and the voter’s feelings that the pace of change is out of control, and in light of the commitments city council made at the recent retreat to prioritize:

  • Comprehensive planning and action on land use and transportation
  • The built environment, Transportation, Mobility, Parking and Livability
  • Infrastructure Strategy and Funding
  • Technology and the Connected City

I ask you produce a disclosure regarding what projects would be supported by these consultant fees and how these projects relate to the priorities, not just who the contract recipients might be. 

Thank you,

Cheryl Lilienstein

President, PASZ

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