Aug 142015

Downtown Palo Alto parking problem persists while city officials, developers and employers wear blinders

by Diana Diamond – Daily News columnist

It must be very difficult to live in a neighborhood near downtown Palo Alto where your street is completely filled with parked cars on weekdays during business hours. Many of those vehicles belong to downtown business workers and some to Stanford employees who don’t want to pay for a university parking permit.

Rather than force businesses to provide parking, city officials for years closed their eyes to the problem. Let employees park where they will, was their logic.

Thus the car clutter soon became the residents’ problem, not the city’s. And downtown employees found themselves in a game of musical chairs, hunting daily for a parking space.

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  One Response to “Downtown Parking Problem Persists”

  1. I was a professorville resident who actively fought for common sense for over a decade before moving out of Palo Alto a couple of years ago.. Glad I did because it continues to get worse. Parking is the property owner’s responsibility, to provide, to pay for and to maintain – without impacting adjacent properties. It is in the code. Now it looks like the City, and all of the citizens, is gong to pay for ($$$$) parking for these downtown interests. It is public corruption and worthy of a grand jury investigation.

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