Nov 012013

The proponents of rezoning in their desperate effort to ensure passage of measure D have been resorting to the use of misleading or disingenuous statements and refer to them as “facts”.  In a recent full page advertisement they stated that “The project will have 47 parking spaces” allocated for the 60 senior apartments.  The real facts are in the Ordinance and on page A2.0 of the Site Plan. Out of the 47 spaces, 5 are ‘reserve’ (non-existent) and 7 are designated for ‘visitors’, leaving only 35 spaces for an estimated 90-100 residents.  According to DMV, 83% of seniors over age 65 have a driver’s license, meaning most of the apartments will have residents with a car. There are no assigned parking spaces.

The residents of the adjacent Arastradero Park Apartments (owned by PAHC) also have a shortage of parking spaces and park on Maybell Avenue. With the required access ‘easement’ from the orchard to Maybell Avenue, they will lose a few more. Under the ordinance, daytime parking will not be permitted on Maybell and the few parking spaces on Clemo will have to be shared with the users of JuanaBrionesPark, forcing residents to park on the adjacent neighborhood streets. Street parking in Palo Alto being limited to 72 hours, a resident who leaves his car parked longer may end up having it towed.

In a place where a car is needed to commute to anywhere (the nearest bus service is a third of a mile away and the nearest supermarket over a mile away) this is truly a disastrous situation for both the residents of the senior housing and the neighborhood.

Vote against D.

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