Maybell Avenue Project


On June 28, 2013 the Palo Alto City Council approved special zoning to allow the Palo Alto Housing Corporation to build a four story, 50 foot high, 60 unit apartment building on the orchard located at Maybell and Clemo Avenues in the Barron Park neighborhood. The property was rezoned as a Planned Community (PC), removing the restrictions of the current R-2 and RM-15 zoning. This development will be partially funded by granting privileges to a for-profit developer to build densely packed homes on sub-standard lots occupying more than half the property.

Current zoning only allows a maximum building height of 30′. The three story homes planned for Clemo Avenue are 32’4″ high. The senior apartment building is 42′ to ‘top of roof’ and 50′ including all extensions. The proposed lots for the 6 private homes on Maybell Avenue are 48′ wide by 90′ deep, an area of 4320 sq. ft. The current R-2 zoning requires a minimum 60′ width and 6000 sq. ft. area. The current RM-15 area of the property requires a minimum lot size of 8500 sq. ft and minimum lot width of 70′. The area of the RM-15 property allotted to the senior apartments is 1.1 acres which under current zoning would only allow 16 residences to be built. Additional details of the zoning regulation are in the Municipal Code Chapter 18  and tables of requirements for the R-2 and RM-15 zones.

The original site views presented to the Planning and Transportation Commission and to the City Council were distorted in their perspective. Even the modified drawing shown on the City website, which has since been removed, showed the 2- and 3-story Arastradero Park Apartments taller than the 4-story senior building. For a more accurate illustration we have developed a series of Google Earth views of the proposed project, accurate to the scale of the site plans submitted by PAHC.

PDF copies of these scale models are available for download: