Nov 012013

Some proponents of Measure D have accused us of  NIMBYism.

The oldest trick in the book is to give your opponent a negative label. Purely an ad hominem attack, which has nothing to do with the facts.

There’s already a low-income housing complex called Arastradero Park right next to the proposed site of the senior housing. No one in the neighborhood complains about it.

We are NOT against senior housing. We’re against rezoning for high density.

In order to get this referendum on the ballot, over 4,000 signatures were collected from all across the city. Donations to Palo Altans to Preserve Neighborhood Zoning have come from people of all means from all over town. Rezoning is a city-wide issue that affects us all.

Our support includes seniors into their 80’s, some of whom live in senior housing. And all of us on the leadership team AGAINST Measure D are seniors!

Maybell is a test case. It’s an example of PC zoning being used to benefit developers at the expense of long established family residential areas. The Daily Post said that if Measure D passes, “you can expect to see more ‘stack and pack’ projects popping up in residential neighborhoods.”

If the city can come in to any neighborhood and ignore the zoning rules to allow developers to build bigger and denser, then we should all be NIMBYs.

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