Oct 012017

As of 4PM Friday, September 29th, the Housing Authority of Santa Clara Co. became the legal owner of Buena Vista Mobile Home Park. The last document was signed, sealed and delivered to the County Recorders Office, bring the 31-year ownership by the Jisser family to a close.

If this seems like old news to you, it should not – a lot of work by the Housing Authority and the Jisser family has been going on to put in place this vital final piece – subdividing the commercial strip on El Camino from the mobile home park acreage, and more. And as of tomorrow, Monday, Caritas will have an interim property manager living at BV – lifting a burden from residents and the Board who had taken much of the management responsibility on themselves in the last couple of years. Thank you Buena Vista Board of Directors for stepping in and helping to hold things together. And hello Housing Authority and Caritas! We are so happy you are here! Here is the news release from Santa Clara County Housing Authority.

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